Animal Aid : 30 years of campaigning for cruelty-free living

Brian Jacobs

Brian Jacobs

Can it really be 30 years since Animal Aid was formed?

Thirty years ago, fresh out of university, I wasn’t even vegetarian and had never even thought about animal rights.

Now I’m a vegan and Chair of the Animal Aid Council.

My active involvement began just over 20 years ago when I joined my local animal rights group. I also started to join some of the national groups, but it was Animal Aid that impressed me most because of the wide range of issues it covered. I became a local contact and it was while attending a local contacts weekend that I was asked to join the Council.

One of my proudest achievements is to be a school speaker for Animal Aid. It enables me to give young people the information, knowledge and understanding that I wish I had had at their age.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone at Animal Aid, I know we can go forward to create a kinder, more humane world.

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