Animal Aid : 30 years of campaigning for cruelty-free living

Gene and Rosie Collins

Géra & Rosie Collins

We initially became involved in animal rights when Rosie picked up an anti-vivisection leaflet on a train. She was so appalled by the cruelty that she immediately showed it to me. ‘We have to do something about this,’ she said.

We joined the group that had produced the leaflet and a few months later went on their national demonstration in London. Then, out of the blue, we found a local animal rights group in our home town and joined. It was Herne Bay & Whitstable Animal Rights - which will be 25 years old in 2008.

We now do our own stalls, street collections for national groups and local campaigns – focusing upon issues such as foie gras, exotic meats, fur and so on.

We often distribute information about Animal Aid, supporting campaigns such as Veggie Month and Christmas Without Cruelty. Animal Aid has become one of the central pillars of our links with national organisations.

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